“Canteen Revolutionizes Payment with Thumbprint Technology – Say Goodbye to Hassle and Hello to Efficiency!”

Canteen Revolutionizes Payment

Canteen Revolutionizes Payment

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Furthermore, the introduction of this innovative cashless payment system that utilizes thumbprint scanning technology in SK Taman Warisan Puteri, Seremban has eliminated the need for cash or physical cards during transactions. Students are now able to pay for their meals easily by simply using their thumbprints.

"Revolutionary Payment System Uses Thumbprint Authentication for Transactions"

Indeed, the video illustrates how the payment system (Canteen Revolutionizes Payment) operates using only a thumb scan, with the spending limits of each student pre-established and prepaid by their parents. Consequently, parents retain authority over their children's spending.

Additionally, parents are able to top up prepaid accounts online and monitor their children's canteen purchases and account balances. In the next version of the system, parents will have the added ability to set daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits for their children.

Moreover, as per the information shared, some parents are supportive of the cashless payment system because they believe it can help decrease instances of bullying in schools, as children will not be carrying cash. The system also reduces worries of lost or misplaced pocket money.

"It would have been enjoyable to have a cashless canteen during school days, without the burden of carrying coins."

Student SK Taman Warisan Puteri

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Canteen Thumbprint cashless

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