Cashless Payment in Factory Canteen:

A Win-Win for Employers and Employees

"Going Cashless: The Future of Factory Canteen Payment"

By using a POS system, canteen operations can become even more efficient and seamless, as transactions can be processed and tracked in real-time. The POS system can also help manage inventory and generate reports, providing insights into canteen sales and trends. Additionally, the integration of a POS system with a cashless payment option can provide a more convenient and secure payment experience for employees. Overall, the adoption of a POS system in conjunction with cashless payment options can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of factory canteen operations.

Point of Sales App

  • Factory Canteen self registration


    Download and Install ITGPAY in your device for reload soon.

  • reload Payment


    Reload or top-up your credit with ITG PAY or our Point of Sales (POS) System

  • just tap your ID staff Card to paid for a meal at Canteen


    Worker used employee ID card to pay for meal at the cafeteria checkout.


Device Frame


Employees do not need to carry cash or loose change.

Payment processing time is reduced.

There is no need for physical contact with canteen staff during the payment process.

Can set meal plans or avail discounts and can set spending limits to manage their expenses.


Provides greater transparency and traceability of transactions.

Integrated with other systems, such as time and attendance or payroll.

Elimination of manual cash handling can lead to cost savings.

Allows employers to gather data on canteen sales and employee spending.


Easy access to food and beverage options during their visit to the factory

Can expect high-quality, safe and healthy food options.

Opportunity to socialize and network with other visitors and factory employees