All-In-One F&B System

ITG is suitable to use for Restaurants, Retail, Take away and Quick Service.


Real time data instantly uploaded to the cloud so you can view your figures anytime anywhere.

Loyalty Program

Member can earn point and redeem point for every dollar they spend

e-Wallet Paymet

ITG support all E-wallet payment including Boost Pay, Touch N Go e-wallet, Maybank QRPAY, Grab Pay and more.

Online Topup - ITG Pay

ITG support instant online top up for multiple platforms including food courts, canteens and more.

Online Ordering (QR Ordering)

♦ Online ordering platforms function similarly to an online takeout service. After placing an online order and paying for it, your client may either have their meal delivered or pick it up at your establishment. The ordering procedure is simple: Your consumer uses their laptop or smartphone to peruse your online menu.

Key Benefits:
•Makes the ordering process easier

•Monitor your expenses incurred in real-time

•Stay ahead of the competition

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

♦ In commercial kitchens, a computerized screen called a kitchen display system, or KDS, takes the role of printed or handwritten orders. By improving communication, managing food delivery, and offering a real-time view of all kitchen data, they interact with a POS system to optimize how a kitchen runs.

Key Benefits:
• Increased order accuracy, with fewer headaches.
• Enhanced kitchen efficiencies

• Improved inventory management.


Queue Display System (QDS)

♦ a system having a service facility at which units of some kind (generically called “customers”) arrive for service; whenever there are more units in the system than the service facility can handle simultaneously, a queue (or waiting line) develops. 

Key Benefits:
• Keep queue organized
• Enforce safer queuing

• Optimized cost 

• Improved staff efficiency to up sales and profitability