All-In-One Retail System

ITG is suitable to use for Restaurants, Retail, Take away and Quick Service.


Real time data instantly uploaded to the cloud so you can view your figures anytime anywhere.

Loyalty Program

Member can earn point and redeem point for every dollar they spend

Promotion Engine

Promotion Voucher will be auto generate and print out for customer which spending exceed certain amount.

e-Wallet Paymet

ITG support all E-wallet payment including Boost Pay, Touch N Go e-wallet, Maybank QRPAY, Grab Pay and more.

Van Sales Operation

♦ A Van Sales devices can be used to manage sales inventory displays effectiveness and restock in real-time for retail merchandising and sales management systems.

Key Benefits:
• Using the customer information from the printed invoices, keep track of all sales and delivery transactions, noting the date, time, salesperson and vehicle locations.
• Reduce transaction errors

Weighing Scale Intergration

Although grocery shops are one of the first company kinds that spring to mind when considering the usage of weighing scales to charge consumers, restaurants that serve live fish also frequently bill customers by weight. 

Key Benefits:

  • The cost is computed automatically and will appear on the customer display and POS system by linking your digital weighing scale with your POS system. Your cashiers cannot manually alter pricing without an admin passcode, offering an extra degree of protection to help protect your money.