Fnb Restaurant Software are designed to streamline the ordering process, allowing servers to take orders on a tablet or touchscreen device and send them directly to the kitchen for preparation. They may also include features such as menu customization, order tracking, and payment processing.

QR Online Ordering

FnB Restaurant Software is a type of restaurant management software that can include a QR code ordering feature.  Can be used to manage the menu, process orders, and track inventory, providing a streamlined and efficient ordering process for both customers and restaurant staff.

Loyalty Program

Our FnB Restaurant Software keep customers engaged and always coming back for more. Create a custom loyalty program to encourage repeat business.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

In commercial kitchens, a computerized screen called a kitchen display system, or KDS, takes the role of printed or handwritten orders. By improving communication, managing food delivery, and offering a real-time view of all kitchen data, they interact with a POS system to optimize how a kitchen runs.

Queuing Display System (QDS)

A system having a service facility at which units of some kind (generically called “customers”) arrive for service; whenever there are more units in the system than the service facility can handle simultaneously, a queue (or waiting line) develops. 

ITG Restaurant (F&B) Hardware

VFD Display
Dual Screen for Restaurant System
Terminal Screen
  • Dual Screen
  • Single Screen
  • Window Tablet 
  • Touch Screen
printer for FnB Restaurant Software
  • Barcode Printer
  • Receipt Printer
retail software cash drawer
Cash Drawer
  • Cash Tray Layout: 4-Bill with Metal Wire Grippers, 8 Coin Slots
  • Cash Tray Construction: Shatter-Resistant Plastic
Barcode Scanner
  • 2D Handheld Area
  • 2D HandFree Area
  • 2D Barcode Scanner
  • 1D Scanner

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