Next Level of Customer Service

With ITG Point Of Sales System, customer will get a truly unique experience that they can’t get anywhere else no matter in B&B or Retail Service
Create unique customer detail

Fast key to create customer detail

Add quick notes about customer

Assign multi discount on customer

Dual Screen Features

Expend the reach of your product with a POS System that can promote your product on customer information and provide product information
Show description and item on second screen

Impress customer with modern interface

Reduce the question and provide more information to customer with dual screen display

Slide show for month promotion

Customer Data

Keep all your information in your POS System and learn how to keep trace customer behavior and adapt to customer demand in order to make sure they will return back into your store. Understand and adopt customer customer’s lifetime value will help in expending your business in future.
Keep the purchase history of customer

Gather customer information

Never run out of best - seller

Follow trends