Retail Software is a type of software that is specifically designed to help retailers manage their sales transactions, inventory, and customer information. It is typically used at the point of sale (POS), such as the cash register or checkout counter, to facilitate the sales process and streamline operations.

Stock Control

Use our online stock take software to keep track of your inventory. Control your own purchase orders, inventory counts, stock returns, and client order requests.

Loyalty Program

Keep customers engaged and always coming back for more. Create a custom loyalty program to encourage repeat business.

Multi Store Live Sales Report


All the information you want is available on one platform, including secure, thorough records of your sales, inventory, workers, and clients

Voucher Promo Management

Promotion Voucher will be auto generate and print out for customer which spending exceed certain amount.

Van Sales Operation

A Van Sales devices can be used to manage sales inventory displays effectiveness and restock in real-time for retail merchandising and sales management systems.

Weighing Scale Integration

Although grocery shops are one of the first company kinds that spring to mind when considering the usage of weighing scales to charge consumers, restaurants that serve live fish also frequently bill customers by weight. 

Self Checkout Kiosk

Let customers scan items and pay for their purchases without the help of store employees. Self checkout kiosks can help retailers save cost while delivering a better customer experience

ITG Retail Hardware

retail software cash drawer
Cash Drawer
  • Cash Tray Layout: 4-Bill with Metal Wire Grippers, 8 Coin Slots
  • Cash Tray Construction: Shatter-Resistant Plastic
Barcode Scanner
  • 2D Handheld Area
  • 2D HandFree Area
  • 2D Barcode Scanner
  • 1D Scanner
printer for FnB Restaurant Software
  • Barcode Printer
  • Receipt Printer
Terminal Screen
  • Dual Screen
  • Single Screen
  • Window Tablet 
  • Touch Screen
VFD Display

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