Retail System

In the fast-paced retail landscape, having the right tools is crucial. Enter the retail system! This article delves into the features and perks of top-notch retail software solutions.

Whether you run a cozy boutique or a big retail chain, choosing the right software can simplify tasks and make customers happier.
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retail system
Thriving as a retail system in Malaysia, ITGPOS cleverly combines cutting-edge technology with the unique requirements of the local retail scene.
Offering an easy-to-use point-of-sale solution, it caters to various businesses, from small shops to larger enterprises.
ITGPOS helps retailers run their operations smoothly with features like inventory management, sales analytics, and customer relationship tools.
Adaptable to local regulations and preferred payment methods, it stands out as a top choice for businesses aiming to succeed in Malaysia's diverse retail market.
Constantly innovating and providing excellent customer support, ITGPOS stays on top of things.

Selecting the Ideal Retail System

for Your Retail Venture

Stock Inventory
Take control of your own buying process, keep tabs on how much inventory you have, handle returns efficiently, and fulfill customer orders with ease.

Loyalty Program

The system keeps track of members' past purchases, likes, and how they usually buy things. This helps with personalized marketing, figuring out what to stock up on, and suggesting products they might like.

Multi Store Report

Keeping an eye on and handling several places involves presenting important information in a simple and organized way.

Voucher Promo Management

Various promotion such as Quantity Discounts, BOGO Discounts, Pack Pricing, Tiered Discounts, Item Discounts.

Van Sales Operation

Enabling businesses to connect with customers in various places and boost sales by bringing products directly to them.

Weighing Scale Integration

Makes sure every product is weighed and priced correctly, lowering the chances of mistakes and boosting customer satisfaction.

Self Checkout Kiosk

Shoppers can easily scan their item barcodes, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the purchase, and pay using different methods.

Cloud-based retail system for small businesses, boutique, pet shop, mini market and more.

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